Stamperland Hill is a residential road located in the Stamperland area of Clarkston. The road begins in the Slamanshill area, before passing down Stamperland's longest hill, eventually ending at Nethervale Avenue. On this road is Library Hill Park, the back of Stamperland Church, as well as Stamperland Community Hall. It is the longest unclassified road in Stamperland not to change name partway through. It is split into three distinct segments, each requiring drivers to make two turns to stay on Stamperland Hill.

History[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Hill originated as a road in the early 1920s. The road was originally created as part of the original Stamperland bungalows development, in the modern day Slamanshill area. The area around the top of the hill here was known as Slamanshill prior to this development. The road was extended to its modern terminus by the late 1920s. Library Hill Park was created at some time around this time, whilst Stamperland Church was built in 1940 but extended substantially in 1964, including the modern church hall. There were once tennis pitches next to the Randolph Drive - Nethervale Avenue segment, but these were sold off in the early 2000s and a care home was built here.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Hill starts at Stamperland Avenue and through this area the housing is composed of Stamperland bungalows. To the left hand side is Library Hill Park, which has views over to Clarkston Hall, Clarkston Town Centre and Aidans Brae, Carolside. On the other side The Quadrant has its southern terminus. After Library Hill Park the left hand side is mostly garages for the Stamperland Crescent. The road then turns sharply right before the northern terminus of The Quadrant. The road then turns to the left. This was the original end of the road when the bungalows were built. Views from this corner noted as being very good, with views as far as the Campsies, as well as closer views over Netherlee. Here the buildings change to Stamperland Terraces, and heads steeply downhill. The road passes behind the Weighing Equipment building as well as passing beside the Stamperland Shops. The road appears to end here, but reappears slightly further over.

The road then heads downhill further, with Stamperland Church's old hall on the left hand side. It is notable that past this point on the left hand side the terrace style is slightly corrupted, with shorter upper storey windows. Shortly after this point, the road hits Randolph Drive. This particular segment of this road is a popular walking route to Netherlee Primary School from parts of Stamperland, as it is much quieter than the parallel Clarkston Road/B767. After Randolph Drive the road continues with a similar junction as at Stamperland Gardens. The terraces are still corrupted by this point on the left hand side, but they shortly end for good on that side. The entrance to Clarkston House Care Home's car park is at this point, followed by the Stamperland Community Hall, which is home to Stamperland Social Club.

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