Stamperland Gardens is a residential road located in the Stamperland area of Clarkston. The road is the main road through the Stamperland neighbourhood itself, although is not classed as a main road. The road starts at Moray Drive and continues down a long route to end at the B767, at Stamperland Crescent / Clarkston Road.

History[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Gardens originated during the original Stamperland bungalows development, in the early 1920s. This area was part of Overlee Farm prior to this development. The road was accessed through the old driveway to Overlee Farm and ended at a dead end roughly where the bungalows end today.The road was extended soon later in the late 1920s to become the main road through the entire neighbourhood during the Stamperland terraces development. the Stamperland Shops were built around the new end of the road, and in the 1940s Stamperland Church was also built here. This church was extended substantially in the 1960s. One house from before even the bungalows development still stands, just past where Stamperland Avenue ends at this road on the right. This particular house was likely built towards the end of the 19th century, and was built on the old Stamperland Farm Road that would have once run parallel to this road today. A couple of small houses filling in cliffside gaps seen as too steep to build on by the original terrace developers finished the road in the 1950s to its modern state.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Gardens begins at Moray Drive at a sharp angle, with Stamperland bungalows on either side. The road turns to the left, following the contours of the land. At this time the road itself is relatively flat, but bungalows on one side are higher than the other due to local topography. The road turns right after a long stretch of bungalows at where was once a dead end, with Stamperland terraces now lining each side. The end of Moray Drive is on the right here, with the short Elgin Gardens appearing on the left shortly thereafter. The road starts turning towards the left, with the very steep Monteith Drive on the right. The road then goes up a steep hill, with Randolph Drive leaving to the right. At the top of the hill Stamperland Drive leaves to the left up yet another hill, but Stamperland Gardens heads mostly flat at this point. Orchy Avenue leaves to the right, as the road gradually turns left. Stamperland Avenue leaves to the left. After this point, trees line the left hand side of the road, whilst the old Stamperland farm cottage is on the right. Stamperland Hill then leaves on both sides but at different points. The road then continues down past the Stamperland Shops and Stamperland Church before ending at Clarkston Road and Stamperland Crescent, both B767.

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