Stamperland Drive is a residential road located in the Stamperland area of Clarkston. The road starts when Strawhill Road changes its name at Stamperland Avenue by Clarkston Railway Station. The road passes through southern Stamperland before ending at Stamperland Gardens.

History[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Drive originated during the original Stamperland bungalows development, in the early 1920s. This area was part of Stamperland Farm prior to development, but had historically been on Slamanshill Farm. The southern 80% of the modern road was created at this time. Some gaps were left, however, as the original developers saw these cliffs as too steep to develop. At this time the road ended at a dead end. The road was extended soon later in the late 1920s to its modern end at Stamperland Gardens during the Stamperland terraces development. Later infill projects in the 1950s would fill in the aforementioned cliffside gaps with housing, and during this time Strawhill Road was renamed from Stamperland Avenue and rerouted to follow its modern day route onto Stamperland Drive.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Drive begins at an almost crossroads with Stamperland Avenue, Strawhill Road, and Moray Drive all coming very close to meeting. The road is relatively flat but turns 2 sharp corners to follow contour lines. The road during this time is composed almost entirely of Stamperland bungalows. The road continues straight for some distance. The houses on the left hand side are higher than the road with the houses on the right slightly lower, due to the local topography in Stamperland being very steep, with many cliffs. Eventually Stamperland Way appears to the left, although that is just a minor road leading to Stamperland Avenue. On the right around this area is the infill housing from the 1950s, in a distinct style to the bungalows surrounding them. However, before much further down the road, the bungalow style changes slightly to be more like the Stamperland terraces, before the road heads steeply downhill and round a right hand corner with Stamperland terraces on either side. This steepness does not end until the road ends, at Stamperland Gardens.

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