Stamperland Avenue is a residential road located in the Stamperland area of Clarkston. The road begins where Strawhill Road becomes Stamperland Drive, by Clarkston Railway Station. The road passes through southern Stamperland before ending at Stamperland Gardens.

History[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Avenue is likely one of the oldest surviving roads in Stamperland today. The road originates centuries ago, as Slamanshill Road. This road ended at a road roughly parallel to modern day Stamperland Gardens, but further north. Slamanshill Road was entirely straight, and was often used by travellers as a way to avoid the tollbooth at Clarkston Toll. In the early 1920s the southern 60% of this road was developed into the Stamperland bungalows, and Stamperland Avenue was also the name of Strawhill Road during this time. In the late 1920s the road was realigned to its current end on Stamperland Gardens, with Stamperland terraces being built along the new part of the road. During the 1950s, a small gap was filled with a semi-detached house by the junction with Strawhill Road and Stamperland Drive. Around this time the section of the road past Stamperland Drive was diverted and renamed to Strawhill Road, as a homage of sorts to the old Slamanshill Road. This road is still sometimes used as a way to avoid the now free to use Clarkston Toll roundabout, however this too has mostly ended as new road building projects several miles away diverted traffic from the toll, making it much more efficient to just use the toll itself.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Stamperland Avenue begins at an almost crossroads with Stamperland Drive, Strawhill Road, and Moray Drive opposite. The road climbs a hill before turning to the right at Stamperland Hill. The road during this time is composed almost entirely of Stamperland bungalows, but with that one semi detached house previously mentioned. The road continues straight, with trees lining either side. The houses on the left hand side are higher than the road with the houses on the right slightly lower, due to the local topography in Stamperland being very steep, with many cliffs. Before too long Stamperland Way appears on the right, although that is just a minor road leading to Stamperland Drive. After a bit longer the trees end, the bungalow style changes slightly to be more like the Stamperland terraces, before the road heads steeply downhill and round a right hand corner with Stamperland terraces on either side. This steepness does not end until the road ends, at Stamperland Gardens.

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