Monteith Drive is a residential road located in the Stamperland area of Clarkston. The road contains one of Stamperland's steepest hills and passes through much of the northeast area of the neighbourhood, and serves as the southern end of the Stamperland Walkway.

History[edit | edit source]

Monteith Drive originated during the Stamperland terraces development of the late 1920s. The road extended Netherview Road but didn't use its name. The Monteith Woodlands were preserved from when this area was farmland. In 2005 a house was built on spare land here.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Monteith Drive starts at Stamperland Gardens and heads steeply downhill, down one of the steepest hills in Stamperland. The road turns right with Stamperland terraces on both sides. Monteith Gardens leaves the road here, and there is a substation on the right. The road goes slightly further downhill before the south end of Alyth Crescent. The hill continues yet further down before flattening off. The Alyth area is noted for flooding here. The hill then heads slightly uphill to meet the north end of Alyth Crescent. The road then turns left, passing the Monteith Woodlands, and the singular 2005 house, before reaching the entrance to the Stamperland Walkway and Stamperland Walkway Park. Shortly after this point is Cromarty Gardens. At this location is a rare postbox from during the short reign of King Edward VIII, of which there are only around 30 in the entire UK. The road turns round to the right here, before the end at Nethervale Avenue, with Netherview Road continuing ahead.

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